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►Division of Research Promotion utilizes internal and external resources in order to develop strategies and systems which encourage faculty to publish high quality papers and to win government research grand.
Division of Industry-University Cooperation develops strategies and systems in order to manage intellectual property and assist faculty to cooperate with industry.
Center of International Affairs focus on the promotion of cooperation with foreign university and industry, including academic interactions, dual degrees, students exchange, overseas internship training program, etc.
Division of Internship and Career Services devises internship system which provides every student a one-yearly professional internship and ensure his/her interests during the internship.
Center of Industry-University Cooperation is responsible for managing industry-university collaboration affairs and providing services concerning intellectual property and technology licensing. It also aims to be the “bridge” between MCUT and businesses, help enterprises improve their quality of research and development, and apply research results successfully to relevant industries.
Center of Innovation and Incubation helps enterprises create market values, reduce operating costs, commercialize technology, and establish superiority on the market. The center also provides them with management services by making good use of academic resources, achieving the integration and development of resources from industries, the government, and academic institutes.